Land Of My Birth (Part Three) By Glenroy Thomas

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You know when something is beautiful when you would’ve seen the ugly. You don’t fully know what you are made of until you are compared to something else.

Have you ever visited this island of mine? In other places, you would’ve seen the sunset, you would’ve seen the sun shine but this island of mine. St. Vincent, the land of the blessed, you would love to hear me say it but I won’t offend the rest, when the topic comes up about who is the best.

Vincy land, “unknown to the world”. That is what the ‘bigger Caribbean countries’ would say, but treasures are hard to find and when I wake I see it every day.

If you check the sky and sea the beauty in the tree, you will know we are everything other places wish they could be. Fun fact, St. Vincent is the best thing hidden on a map.

When it comes to the beauty debate, every Island comes with one argument, some with two, but St Vincent is a loaded gun we come with thirty-two.

I am currently experiencing writers block. It is hard to tell you about St. Vincent without losing track. One, two, three, four, there are beaches and waterfalls galore. Five, six, seven, eight, I live in paradise why migrate?

I am at the look out from the Belmont view. When I looked back I saw Bequia, Mustique it was clear, so I glimpsed Canouan to.

There is no better island chain, my nationality would tell you the name. This place I love to call home, the view is even better if you are looking from a drone.

 If you are planning to visit, before I finish, let me tell you this, it will feel like Heaven when your eyes behold the premises.

Written by Glenroy Thomas

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