“Dr Friday Is A Crab Without A Shell” By Mourine Gaymes

By Mourine Gaymes

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Here I present to you my readers the 1st, 2nd and 3rd leaders and 2 prime ministers of the NDP during its 41 years in existence.

Sir James, the founding father of the party who served the longest in every capacity is treated like a doormat. Then theme for last Sunday’s convention was Unification.

However, the most outstanding leader and prime minister of our time were totally ignored. Our hero who is alive and well was not mentioned once at an all-day event, the party’s 41st convention which ended up with a public rally the Michael Findlay stadium.

Dr Friday is a crab without a shell, he was handed his seat on a golden platter by the very same leader who is now completely rejected.

So who are we really as a party unifying? Stop this BS (bogus stuff) in the name of the party. Stop fooling the people of St. Vincent & the Grenadines and give unto Caesar the things that are Caesars’ and until the people of SVG what they deserve.

We cannot claim a period of success for 17 years in office and disown and disregard the man who lead us there. Fools talking but smart people ah listening. I cannot support a party

That had absolutely no regard for the man who brought us out of the wilderness 41 years ago. I say no Dr Friday, NO.

You are a crab without a shell. Sir James came out of retirement to win the “No Vote” for the referendum.

How quick we forget the value of our hero, Sir James Fitz Allen Mitchell.

Dr Friday, you are standing on sinking sand, you are a big disappointment not only to party supporters but to all right-thinking Vincentians at home and abroad.

By News784

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