Thousands Join World Climate Strike as UN Summit Approaches

(TELESUR) – Thousands of people from all over the world took to the streets to join the “Third World Climate Strike” on September 20, a protest triggered by the Fridays for The Future (FFF) movement, which demands from governments concrete actions to resolve the ongoing environmental emergency generated by increased global warming.

In Europe, Asia, Africa and Noth  America, hundreds of environmental, social, labor and human rights activists were hosting rallies in many cities throughout their countries.

These demonstrations are taking place a few days before the United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres opens the Climate Summit in New York on September 23, a high-level meeting in which countries were invited to present concrete and realistic plans to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 45 percent in the next ten years.

In Brazil, a South American country where the burning of the Amazon has increased due to the auspices President Jair Bolsonaro provides for the transformation of rainforests into arable land, citizens carried out demonstrations in Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Amazonas, Alagoas, Bahia, Amapa, Ceara, Federal District, Parana and Rio Grande do Sul, among other states.

“Deforestation caused by the devastating expansion of agribusiness, livestock, mining and pollution of rivers contribute to accelerate global climate change… Amazon rainforests deforestation is progressing at a rate of three soccer stadiums per minute,” said the Brazilian Climate Coalition, which joins organizations such as Greenpeace, Fight for the Forest, Families for Climate, the Landless Workers Movement and the Worker’s Party.

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