Park Hill Resident Charged With Motor Vehicular Manslaughter

Police have arrested and charged Adonson Dasouza a 25-year-old resident of Park Hill with the offence of Motor Vehicular Manslaughter on 12.12.17.

According to investigations, the accused allegedly caused the death of a 50-year-old resident of Byrea by driving motor vehicle PN-854 dangerously at Byera Public Road at 8:48 pm on 12.12.17.

The accused appeared before the Georgetown Magistrate Court on Monday 16/09/19 for an arraignment. He was placed on $20,000.00 bail with one surety and he’s to surrender all travel documents.

The matter was transferred to the Serious Offences Court and adjourned to 19/09/19, where a date will be set for the preliminary inquiry.

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