Cuban Treefrog Present In SVG Can Trigger Asthma Attacks

The forestry services is working to eradicate from St Vincent the invasive Osteopilus septentrionalis commonly called the Cuban TreeFrog.

According to department officials, they learnt about the frog’s presence last month and was told at that time there was quite an amount on the island of Mustique.

Officials say the frog preys on the native ones, small lizards, snakes, bird egg and can invade homes, they stated that unlike the current species of frogs on the island, the Cuban Treefrog can climb.

They, however, noted that it is hard to identify because there are several variations.

Their skin secretes mucus that can irritate eyes and nose and even trigger asthma attacks within persons who are already predisposed.

What makes the Cuban Treefrog a grave matter of concern is also its breeding rate.

A female can lay up to (4000 plus eggs ) especially in waterways.

The frogs invade toilets and can clog drains; they invade power boxes and cause power outages, they also thrive in swampy and wet areas.

The forestry services up to Monday had already eradicated some 200 frogs from the Campden Park area, where they are currently localized.

The frogs originate from Cuba and are also present in Florida, officials from the forestry department is urging persons to called their services if the frog is spotted and if its caught bring it to their offices and identify the area so an investigation can be mounted.

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