News Release From The NDP Young Democrats

In view of the persistent plight of the people of North Windward over the years. It is rather unfortunate that no attention has been given to the repairing of roads in the London area, located between Sandy Bay and Overland.

We urge residents to be on alert, as we know the devastation that could be caused by rains in this area.

We have asked all Young Democrats in North Windward to be ready to assist in any way possible, regardless of the political coloration of people in need.

We are one people. To the people of North Windward, there will be an opportunity for you to choose your next representative very soon, we trust that you will look at the neglect, disrespect, and humiliation, that has been meted out to you.

It is evident that the current representation has failed you all and has no intention or ability to address your situation. We will overcome this together and we will rebuild.

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