First Ever Show Of Women Artists In SVG

Vincy women artists are making waves in St. Vincent and the Grenadines with an art show all of their own. The show, titled “Vincy Women Artists Now 2019 ” opened August 3rd at the Youlou Art Centre, Indian Bay and closes the end of October.

It is a known fact, women artists have a difficult time navigating the art world which is dominated by male artists, women artists have been neglected!

Here in SVG at the Youlou Art Centre, the leading visual arts institution in the nation, we are encouraging and nurturing women artists to show their work. It is the first of it’s kind in SVG.

The exhibition has a diverse offering of art which will engage the audiences in unique ways. The show has beautiful, interesting and thoughtful paintings done by eleven Vincy women artists.

They are: Sherika Sayers, Tipi Punnett, Desterny Greaves, Amanda Frederick, Christine Browne, Zen Moon Planet, LeeAndra Thompson, Kareen Singh, Kate Punnett, Karen Palmer and Camille Musser.

 The majority of the paintings focus on nature and the beauty of St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

They range from beautiful landscapes, seascapes and yes paintings of women in a tropical settings looking calm and confident. Like queens they exude power.

I want to comment on several paintings which I find remarkable. One is by the artist Ms. Sherika Sayers. It is a painting of a man carrying a large bunch of green bananas, who is looking directly at the viewer.

 Find this painting unique. It harks back to the days when the banana industry was “king”.  Ms. Kareen Singh has a truly dazzling painting in the show, it is of breadfruit leaves, with  the sunlight bouncing off the leaves, a sight regularly seen and taken for granted.

Ms. Amanda Frederick beautiful painting called “Vincy Heart” is truly patriotic. Ms. Karen Palmer has some bold, fun  paintings, you look at them and instantly recognize the person. Paintings by Ms. Tipi Punnett have a distinct delicate, magical feel about them.

I  think the women who participated in this show did an outstanding job. The Centre is happy to promote the work in this show. There are plans afoot to have an annual woman’s show.

Vincy women artist please take note and call the Centre at 457 4493 to reserve your spot in the 2020 show.

 Youlou Art Centre launched roughly two and a half years ago is owned and operated by Youlou Arts Foundation, a non-profit organization focused on

promoting and nurturing the arts in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

The show ” Vincy Women Artists Now 2019″ is the first show the Centre has organized in it’s new location, at Indian Bay.

Centrally located Youlou Art Centre offers the public a unique opportunity to

experience local art and culture.

A year ago the Centre established a gift shop which stocks a large collection of hand-painted T-shirts for children and adults. This unique gift shop has a variety of locally made products such as jewelry, straw bags, vases, books by local authors. Prints and posters of artwork along with fine art note cards, and basic art supplies.

The Youlou Art Centre gift shop is sending out a call to all local craftspeople to call the Centre at 457 4493 if they are interested in having their products sold in the shop. We welcome all types of craftwork. The main stipulation – It must be made in SVG.

Currently, at the Centre we are offering art classes to the public. There is a Saturday morning art class for children ages 5 to 12 from 10 to 12 noon.

Learn to Crochet classes and Screen Printing classes. Call us at 457 4493 /496 4092. The Centre is announcing the upcoming show “LUSH SVG”.

We are inviting all artists ( Female & Male) to be a part of this show, which will open early March 2020.

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