T&T :Soldier shot by police officer in alleged domestic incident

(LOOPTT) – A soldier is in a stable condition at the hospital after being shot by a police officer in what was alleged to be a domestic dispute.
According to police reports, a police officer and his common-law wife, also a police officer, were driving along Brazil Lome Branch Trace when another vehicle pulled out from a driveway and stopped in front of his vehicle.

The man, a soldier who, according to reports, is known to the female officer as they have a child together, emerged from the vehicle with a cutlass and allegedly began attacking the officer’s wing mirror.
The driver, fearful for his life, fired at the soldier, who collapsed on the roadway.
The soldier got up and drove away however he was later found at a bar and taken to the Arima Health Facility and later transferred to the Mt Hope Medical Facility for emergency surgery.
He was listed in a stable condition up to Monday morning at 9.00 am.
Investigations are continuing.

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