Caribbean About To Face Another Heatwave

The Caribbean is about to face another heatwave.

This week could bring even higher temperatures, as most of the Eastern Caribbean islands continue to deal with extremely light north-east trade winds, which are usually responsible for cooling breezes at this time of year.

Meteorologist David Best told the THE NATION that though it would be hot at this stage of the summer season anyway, the islands should brace for more stifling heat for “all of this week”.

For most of last week, temperatures hovered around a steamy 30 degrees Celsius, with highs of 32 degrees late in the week, but this week, the average daily temperature could rise above 32 degrees in the daytime, and hold at a warm 26 at night.

“It could be dire this week in terms of heat. Right now, we have very light winds, and the speed hasn’t even been in double digits”.

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