Gabion Basket Work Has Begun On Future Site Of Rainforest Seafood Plant

Gabion basket work has begun on the future site of the Rainforest Seafoods processing plant in Calliaqua. After the Gabions and river protection is complete, work will commence to raise the level of the ground.

Actual construction of the factory space will begin following these preparatory works.

Rainforest Seafood is the Caribbean’s largest processor and supplier of premium quality seafood. The company with headquarters in Jamaica will construct a state-of-art processing facility valued at 9Million E.C dollars.

The factory will service Europe, Asia, and North America. Rainforest St Vincent will employ 50 fishermen directly and 200 fishermen indirectly.

The St Vincent factory will be approximately 20,000 square feet and equipped to process multiple species of seafood indigenous to SVG including, including, but not limited to, lobster, conch, tuna, snapper, and other fish.

The Gabion work on Calliaqua’s other river – which should have commenced on Mon 9th – is now scheduled to begin next week.

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