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Border Military Exercises Begin in Venezuela

President of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, announced on Monday, at a meeting held with authorities of the National Defense Council, that as of this Tuesday, the Border Military Exercises “Sovereignty and Peace 2019” had begun.

The President urged all members of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (FANB) to defend the homeland. “It is time to defend our homeland. I call on all of you”.

 On September 4th, he ordered the Operational Strategic Commander of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (FANB) to declare an orange alert, to safeguard security against Colombia’s warmongering threats.

No More Trump campaign gets more than 11 million signatures

The “No More Trump” campaign, created and promoted by the Government of Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro, reached 11 million signatures against the economic, financial and political blockade imposed by the United States’ administration.

President Maduro celebrated this achievement during a press conference on Monday night, in a work meeting with representatives of the National Defense Council. The Venezuelan President also recalled that the collection of signatures will be until next Sunday.

Venezuela denounces errors in the Bachelet report at the UN

 Vice Minister for Foreign Affairs of Venezuela, Alexander Yánez, denounced on Tuesday before the United Nations Organization (UN), the inaccuracies and errors in the report on the reality of his country prepared by the High Commissioner for Human Rights, Michelle Bachelet.

Before the plenary of the organization, the Venezuelan official said that there are flaws in the methodology applied for the preparation of said document, which contributes to the misinformation about the reality of the South American country, affected by the coercive measures applied by the United States. Yánez regretted that in the report there was decontextualized information, not verified by the commission sent by Bachelet more than three times to Venezuela.

New denunciations of President Nicolás Maduro against Colombia

Venezuelan President, Nicolás Maduro, denounced the advancement of Colombia in the plans and attacks against the government of the South American nation to create a situation of chaos.

The Venezuelan Head of State announced that he has evidence of how they are trying to create a false positive to generate an armed conflict between Colombia and Venezuela. “We have evidence of how it is being conspired in Colombia to send terrorist groups to attack public services, Public Powers and to touch civil and military objectives within our country,” said the Venezuelan president.

Venezuela presents diplomats with evidence of Colombia’s attacks

Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza met with the diplomatic corps accredited in the country to present the evidence of the false flag operation and the constant attacks of the Colombian Government.

The Vice President for Communication, Jorge Rodríguez, was responsible for presenting the evidence to diplomats in a closed meeting. Earlier, the official dismantled the publication made by the magazine Semana de Colombia, on September 7th, on alleged “confidential documents” of the Bolivarian National Intelligence Service (Sebin) and military institutions, in which alleged links with Colombian armed groups are confirmed.

The Foreign Minister affirmed, before the diplomatic corps, that the Colombian Government uses false positives to create a conflict with Venezuela.

Prosecutor’s Office of Venezuela initiates criminal investigation for negotiation of Esequibo

The Venezuelan Public Ministry headed by Attorney General Tarek Wiliam Saab on Friday, announced the beginning of an investigation against opposition deputy Juan Guaidó for allegedly negotiating the Essequibo territory in exchange for political support.

At a press conference, Saab reported on the opening of a criminal investigation at the request of the President of the Republic Nicolás Maduro, against citizens Juan Guaidó, Vanessa Neumann and Manuel Avendaño.

“These three citizens are allegedly involved in an illegal negotiation that aims to give up the historic claim that our country has on the Esequibo territory,” the prosecutor explained. The investigation begins after Venezuelan Vice President Delcy Rodríguez presented a telephone conversation that Neumann, an alleged official of the US Department of Defense and Avendaño, both advisers of the Guaidó team, express their willingness to hand over the Esequibo in exchange for greater political support.

Venezuela strengthens social policies for the beginning of the school year

The Venezuelan government guarantees the development of infrastructures, as well as the delivery of uniforms, school supplies, tablets, textbooks and other supplies for the start of the new 2019-2020 school year, reported Education Minister Aristóbulo Istúriz.

Work is being done to achieve a successful school inauguration, with the participation of all Bolivarian Government forces, as well as community councils and entire communities, the official said on Thursday. He went on to say that this new course will be complemented by health conferences, which will begin against all diseases around schools and the environment. In this regard, he reported that the South American country had already reached 97 percent vaccination coverage against polio.

President Maduro summons private sector to boost economy

On the occasion of the resurgence of the US siege against Venezuela, President Nicolás Maduro ratified his call to the private sector to help boost national production, in a new day of productive work from Carrizal, Miranda state.

According to the President, strategic alliances with the private sector are of the utmost importance at this juncture, so it is necessary to leave aside political and ideological differences to “produce for Venezuela,” he said. “Attention, private entrepreneurs, I stretch my hands to you and come alongside with me to solve all the problems in technological, productive, logistics, financial matters. Let’s all go forward together for Venezuela!”

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