Italy, Malta, France, Germany Work On Deal To Allocate Migrants

Italy, Malta, France and Germany are working on the “Predictive Temporary Allocation Program”, an agreement which is expected to manage migrant landings and relocate them more effectively and efficiently.

According to local media La Stampa, the agreement will be signed on Sep. 23 at a meeting in which the Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte will also hold talks with the European Commission President Ursula Von der Leyen.

The draft agreement states that when a French or German humanitarian ship makes a rescue at the Mediterranean sea, Italy and Malta will accept to allow the landing of migrants in the first available safe harbor.

After this first reception in European territory, however, France and Germany will welcome migrants in their own territories in a time no longer than a month.

So far the number of migrants that would be received by Paris and Berlin is being negotiated because both Italy and Malta request that France and Germany take care of all the landed migrants and not just 25 percent of them.

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