13,000 Passengers Stranded After French Airline Goes Bankrupt

(CNN NEWS) – Thirteen thousand air passengers are currently stranded overseas after French airline Aigle Azur filed for bankruptcy last week.

The vast majority of those — 11,000 people — are stuck in Algeria, according to Jean-Baptiste Djebbari, France’s secretary of state for transport.

The airline, which carried around 1.9 million passengers last year, filed for bankruptcy last week and on Friday night canceled all of its flights.

Djebbari confirmed that the airline’s failure has not only affected its 1,150 employees, including 500 crew members, but thousands of travelers too.

In an interview with French TV channel RMC on Monday, he said: “There are 13,000 passengers who bought their tickets and will need to be repatriated. Among them, 11,000 are in Algeria, six in Mali, then in Lebanon, in Moscow and in Senegal.”

Efforts to rescue those stranded passengers could take weeks, according to Djebbari.

“On Friday night, I had a meeting with all French airlines and I asked them to play their part in the repatriation. I especially would like to thank Air France for chartering additional flights to Algeria,” he said.

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