Four MCMH Employees Currently Being Trained In Taiwan

Four medical employees of Milto Cato Memorial Hospital are currently trained in Taiwan’s Changhua Christian Hospital. The training courses are with the duration of 4 weeks from 25th of August to 20th of September, 2019.

The staff members, Ms. Petria Pompey and Ms. Josette George are mainly engaged in the pharmacy department as well as Chemotherapy Nursing.

Ms. Cherylon Jack, meanwhile, mainly participates in Laboratory Medicine, infection prevention and control centers (including AIDS prevention, tuberculosis prevention, hand hygiene.

Other infection control protocols and implementations) and pathology departments (including biopsy and dyeing techniques) are also included in her training programme.

Ms. Ertrice Ellis is trained in the Nursing Department, which includes the Hemodialysis Room Management, Hemodialysis Patient Care, shadowing of Dialysis machine operation, and Kidney disease education.

By far, the trainees have been engaging in Changhua Christian Hospital for almost two weeks.

In addition to the professional courses, they will also attend the Medical Quality and Evaluation common courses, and the field trips to branches of Changhua Christian Hospital and the smart medical device companies.

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