Dominican teen fights for life after vicious attack by thieves

(DNO) – A 17-year-old boy from Massacre in Dominica, is currently on life support at the Mount St Johns Medical Center in Antigua after he was beaten by a gang of five boys who tried to rob him.

The incident occurred on Thursday in an area called Grays Farm.

His mother, Odiel Furlong said her son, Jahhym Azoo, has multiple fractures to the bones in his face and he also has bleeding on the brain.

She explains that five males attacked her son and beat him when he tried to defend himself as they robbed him of his Adidas slippers and cellular phone.

The teenager reportedly resisted the attack, and the robbers escalated their violence. They reportedly beat the teenager to the ground and stomped him in the face repeatedly before fleeing.

Azoo, who came to Antigua just a few weeks ago, was walking home when the incident occurred.

According to the Antigua-born woman, her son is somewhat of a loner and does not have any friends as yet.

His mother said she was told he only has a 50 percent chance of surviving due to the bleeding on his brain.

In addition to bleeding on the brain, the victim suffered multiple fractures to his facial bones and he hardly responds to painful stimuli, his mother said.

The woman who was in tears, said, “Is the machine alone a save me son life right now; jus’ de machine dat he is breathing off. He is not conscious; he cannot speak; his whole face – all de bones broken, nose broken, lips sliced in two, his teeth come out, half of his teeth out his mouth, and blood on his brains right now and de doctor to do de surgery is not on de island.”

The woman said the staff at the hospital advisd her that apart from stitching the cuts and gashes to his face, there is little else they can do until the specialist arrives to treat the brain bleed.

“The doctor they told me, has to come and do the surgery to stop the blood from bleeding in his brain and they told me after the doctor come and do the surgery they will do the operate on the bones in his face. They already stitched him up fore day morning, and that’s all,” she cried.

Crying almost uncontrollably, the woman mumbled, “He whole face mash in, they tell me they have to put in wire in his face and if the doctor don’t reach soon it’s whatever me haffu face me haffu prepare; dat a what dem say. They don’t think he has a great chance.”

At least one eyewitness who went to the teen’s aid spoke with police since the incident, a source confirmed.

Another witness called the ambulance and waited until the boy was taken to hospital before going to his home to report what had happened.

The mother is urging anyone else with information to reach out to the Grays Farm Police Station as soon as possible because “these criminals must not get away with this. Me son jus’ come ya and he nuh know nobody; dis is not fair,” she said.

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