Thompson Concludes Successful Regulatory Visit To Canada/USA.

Chief Executive Officer Dr. Jerrol Thompson and Chief Inspector Terral Mapp of the Medicinal Cannabis Authority-MCA, have concluded a successful regulatory assessment visit to Canada and the USA.

The main purpose of their visit was to meet with Ample Organics, a Canadian Seed-to-Sale (Track and Trace) Software company that provides 70% of the Track and Trace services in Canada. Seed-to-Sale systems are used to track the logistics and use of cannabis from its cultivation, processing, patient use and export.

They provide a means to identify diversions of cannabis into the illegal market, the unusual patterns of patient use and the financial compliance associated with its use.

As a consequence of this visit, Ample will provide the MCA with a draft proposal to review and sign in order to commence the process between them. Ample will also provide a Patient Access Database software for the MCA-Patient Access system.

The MCA has dedicated a section of its Standard and Compliance Regulations to Track and Trace, considered to be a critical aspect of regulatory compliance.

The MCA CEO and Chief Inspector also visited fifteen other entities including a processing facility, laboratory, green- house, outdoor grow facility, dispensary and the New York Department of Health.

While on their visits the MCA team was supported by SVG Ambassador to the United States, Ambassador Luan Gilchrist, Counsel General Ambassador to Canada Fitz Huggins, Bernadette Ambrose Black of the New York Consulate and former Director of the ITSD Andre Bailey.

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