Families Traumatised At Sando Mortuary, As Bodies Decomposed

(TRINIDAD EXPRESS) – ALREADY grieving over the loss of their loved ones, families were further traumatised at the San Fernando General Hospital mortuary over the weekend, after bodies there began decomposing because of a malfunctioning refrigeration system.

The problem led to delays in autopsies, and funeral arrangements having to be rescheduled.

In some instances, families were forced to seal the caskets at the funeral given the advanced state of decomposition of their relatives’ bodies.

Acting chief executive officer at the South West Regional Health Authority (SWRHA) Dr Albert Persaud told the Express yesterday that one of the fans in the system had stopped working, leading to a rise in temperature, and a faster than normal decomposition of corpses.

He said the system was repaired on Monday and operations were continuing as normal at the facility.

“One of the fans stopped working on Sunday and therefore the temperature went up a bit and that contributed to the decomposition a little faster than it normally would, but by Monday morning everything was fixed and we are back up and running for the whole week now.

“We have enough refrigeration system,” he said.

The Express visited the mortuary yesterday and it was confirmed that the system was working.

An official said there were times when operations were stopped when this problem happened.

However, repairs are conducted quickly.

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