Cabinet Approves 48 National Scholarships, Exhibitions, And Bursaries

Cabinet approved on Wednesday, September 04, 2019, forty-eight national scholarships, national exhibitions, a special award, and bursaries to students who sat the CAPE and Associate Degree examinations in 2019.

The following number were awarded:

  • National Scholarships             :           Ten (10)
  • National Exhibitions             :           Eight (8)
  • Bursaries             :                               Twenty-nine (29)
  • Special Awards             :                     One (1)

Total   :           Forty-eight (48)

It is to be noted that the criteria for these awards and the recommendations came from the officials of the Ministry of Education and the Director of the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Community College, and accepted by Cabinet.

The ten (10) National Scholars, in order of scholastic performance, for 2019 are:

  1. Ianà Ferguson :           Prime Minister’s Award;
  2. Shane Cadogan :           Robert Milton Cato Scholarship;
  3. Melissa Adams :           George Augustus Mc Inrtosh Scholarship;
  4. Christalle Wilson :           Ebenezer Theodore Joshua Scholarship;
  5. Rasheed Fontenelle :           J.P. Eustace Scholarship;
  6. Karine Sampson :           Sir Vincent Beache Scholarship;
  7. Jordan Lawrence-Hamlett :           Norma Keizer Scholarship;
  8. Devron Blugh :           Bertram “Timmy” Richards Scholarship;
  9. Rachelle Bradshaw :           Yvonne Francis-Gibson Scholarship;
  10. Aranique Jackson :           Alban Henry Scholarship

Ianà Ferguson won the coveted Prime Minister’s Award for the best academic performance.  In addition to her full scholarship, she will receive an appropriate medal and an award of $20,000.00.  The cash award has been increased for 2019 by 100 percent.

Shane Cadogan, in placing second, is awarded the sum of $10,000 in addition to his full scholarship.  This is the first time that a cash award has been added to the benefits of the second-placed academic performance.

All National Scholars have their tuition and economic cost (as per University of the West Indies benchmarks) paid by the Government of St. Vincent and the Grenadines plus a monthly sum adequate for all living expenses (board and lodging) and associated expenses. National Scholarships cover five years’ university education.

The eight National Exhibition winners in 2019 are:

  1. Tiffany Durrant;
  2. Jonathan Gieowarsingh;
  3. Saeed Bowman;
  4. Dominic Horne;
  5. Chiarra Peniston;
  6. Shadia Williams;
  7. K-Tricia Isaacs; and
  8. Miguel Gonsalves

The first six-named students sat the CAPE examinations.  The last two-named students obtained Associate Degrees from the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Community College.

The National Exhibitions have the same benefits as the National Scholarships, but for three (3) years instead of five years.

The John Horne Memorial Scholarship is awarded for the first time to the student who best combines academic and cultural excellence, Saeed Bowman, a National Exhibition winner.



Mr. Ronnie Richardson has been granted a Special Award with all the benefits of a National Exhibition winner.  He topped the students who obtained Associate Degrees.  He obtained his qualification in Teacher Education (Secondary).  He is over 21 years of age which is the maximum age, under the rules, for national scholars and national exhibition winners; he was born in 1989.

The twenty-nine (29) Bursary recipients are:

  1. Affique Ambrose;
  2. Kelisha Hackshaw;
  3. Shari Marks;
  4. Sheruel Williams;
  5. Tamara Woodley;
  6. Regena Browne;
  7. Sue-Nesha Lewis;
  8. Alyssa Sterling;
  9. Roneice Gould;
  10. Xharia Jack;
  11. Delano King;
  12. Betricia Stowe;
  13. Zawdie-Tu Graham;
  14. Vacquel Questelles;
  15. Callice Watson;
  16. Shyan Hinds;
  17. Tenille Austin;
  18. Shanelle Pierre;
  19. Lerondo Lynch;
  20. Benisha Rodney;
  21. Floyd Bailey;
  22. Tracy Robinson;
  23. Ronique Joseph;
  24. Gianluca Da Silva;
  25. Daniel Bess;
  26. Modica Bascombe;
  27. Okeisha Davy;
  28. Sheldon Frederick; and
  29. Travis Henry.

The first twelve-named Bursary recipients sat the CAPE Examination; the last seventeen-named obtained Associate Degrees.

Bursaries are for three (3) years’ university education with an annual value of $25,000 (up from $20,000).

The Cabinet further decided that a Bill will be presented to Parliament to ensure that annually the top ten scholars will be awarded scholarships/exhibitions in the names of the distinguished persons who are listed above; so, too, the John Horne Memorial Scholarship.  The Cabinet considers these deceased persons worthy of the continuing memorials.  The Prime Minister’s Award will continue to top the list.  Of course, it is open to Cabinet to award other memorial scholarships as the circumstances demand or admit.

The Government of St. Vincent and the Grenadines congratulates all these scholars on their impressive scholastic performances.  These scholars make us especially proud in the 40th year of our nation’s independence — Renewal at 40!

Dated the 4th day of September, 2019.


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