TRINIDAD: Teen buying cell phone: Raped by 'seller'

(TRINIDAD EXPRESS) – AN 18-year-old Siparia woman reported to police on Monday that she was sexually assaulted by a man whom she knew since her childhood.

The man later threatened her by showing her the firearm he was carrying, the victim reported.

The woman went to the Siparia police station and told officers that on Sunday she went to the apartment where the man lived to purchase a cell phone.

She told officers that she knew the man for nine years. The woman said that the man took off the lights and then attacked her.

She said she resisted but he overpowered her and sexually assaulted her. The woman said she left the apartment.

Later that day she was at High Street, Siparia, where she saw the man.

She reported that the man raised his jersey and showed her a firearm tucked in his waist. The victim said she became fearful for her life.

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