Preacher/Bus Driver Slapped With 14 counts Of Sexual Assault

(GRENADA) – (Thegrenadainformer) – A man of the cloth who ministers at a church in St. Mark but also operates a minibus in St George’s, appeared before the St. Patrick’s Magistrate Court on Tuesday on fourteen counts of sexual assault allegedly against a member of his family.

 According to information reaching the Grenada Informer the now accused who goes by the name of Terrence Gilbert from Samaritan in St. Patrick’s was officially charged on Monday after he was called off the road during his work hours by police officers attached to the St Patrick Police Station.

Gilbert was charge for the offense after a lengthy interrogation process bringing an end to months of investigation by law enforcement. Appearing before Magistrate Karen Noel on Tuesday unrepresented although indicating to the court that he would be represented by defense lawyer Derrick Sylvester, Gilbert was   granted bail in the sum of fifty thousand dollars with two sureties.

 He is required to surrender all travel documents, have no contact with witnesses and report to the Union Police Station every Monday and Friday between the hours of 6am and 6pm. He is expected to make a second court appearance on October 3rd 2019.

 According to information reaching the Grenada Informer, Gilbert’s arrest is believed to have been the result of years of investigation by police officers and members of the Social Services Department surrounding sexual acts on a young lady whom he had known from a very tender age. Sources told this newspaper the family became suspicious when the young lady in question, began acting strangely and had to undergo special counseling to deal with her situation.

 Informer learned that just over two years ago Gilbert was forced to sever ties with his marital home and went to live on his own. However the beans were spilled, giving the officers greater leverage to press charges only recently when the young lady now nineteen, travelled out of Grenada and found within herself the confidence to speak about what she had been going through for the past 9 years.

 Sources told the Informer, despite the fact that   matter is already before the court, investigations into it continue. Officer, we were told will continue to probe for further evidence and once satisfied, additional charges can be laid against the preacher.

 With fourteen counts of sexual assault each carrying a maximum fourteen years in prison on indictment, if convicted Gilbert faces a maximum 196 years behind bars.

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