Instability From A Trough System Will Continue To Affect SVG

Instability from a trough will continue to affect Saint Vincent and the Grenadines this afternoon generating occasional periods of cloudiness and scattered showers.

This area of instability is broad and will continue to affect the island well into the weekend.  In addition, a light wind regime will allow for some localized afternoon showers on Saturday and Sunday.

By Monday, a shearline should be in the vicinity and models are depicting some showers across SVG around Monday afternoon.

East to East north-easterly winds at 10km/h to 25km/h should persist throughout this forecast period and sea conditions are forecast to remain slight (1m- 1.2m) in open waters for the remainder of the forecast period.

Slight haze intrusion is forecast for Saturday into Sunday.

Please find attached the 12 pm weather report for 30th August 2019.

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