Barbados: Grantley Adams International Airport Reopens

The Grantley Adams International Airport will reopen at 7 a.m

Acting Tourism Minister Kirk Humphrey told a briefing this morning that all necessary checks have been made and the airport is in good order.

“Necessary tests were conducted on the runway and it has been found to be fully functional.

The air traffic controllers also had to make sure that equipment is functional and working, that equipment is functional and working.

Additionally, GAIA Inc had to make sure that their equipment is working for landing, for surveillance, for navigation, all of the equipment is also fully functional.”

He added that all airlines had been notified.

With respect to the Bridgetown Port, Minister Humphrey said there were no issues at the port and senior management was already on duty and staff would be expected to report for work around 10 a.m.

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