Barbados Shutsdown At Midday Monday Ahead Of Storm Dorian

(Barbados Today) – Law enforcement agencies will not be taking lightly Barbadians who disregard Government’s Monday midday national shutdown, in preparation for the passage of Tropical Storm Dorian.

Commissioner of Police, Tyrone Griffith backed by Prime Minister Mia Mottley told Sunday’s press conference at Government Headquarters that emergency forces will be on high alert for at least the next 36 to 48 hours.

Griffith warned: “We in law enforcement are going to be out and we are going to deal with any untoward behaviour that we should experience, in a very strong way.

“I am appealing to Barbadians to be on your best behaviour and to stay off the streets wherever possible. We are prepared to deal with any eventuality,” said the Commissioner.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Mottley strengthened the appeal by directly addressing people who might take the opportunity to joyride during the storm.

“The temptation for all, young and old to a joyride is always there, but that is the basis from which accidents happen.

“I have a very simple phrase which says, ‘when you’re dead, you’re dead’, so I am asking people to stay inside once tomorrow comes. Once the shutdown comes, there is no basis for you on the road. If you’re not a member of the emergency services, you have no calling on the road. Stay inside and get some rest until the all-clear is given,” urged the Prime Minister.

While adding the next few hours would be critical for all law enforcement officials, the Prime Minister said law enforcement’s response would be even more intense.

“There is absolute high alert for the BDF and the police because once that shutdown occurs, they will take seriously anybody who is on the road, who ought not to be on the road or anybody who engages in behavior that puts either themselves or others at risk,” she said. (KS)

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