Hotel, Athletic Track And Community Center For Diamond

(By Javin Jacobs) – Soil testing is well underway for two important infrastructural projects to be built in Diamond.

According to Finance Minister Camilo Gonsalves, these projects include the  Holiday Inn Express and the athletic track.

He said along with these two projects a learning resource center would be built which have been insisted upon by the representative.

He said all these projects would be located in close proximity to each other and upon completion would transform the area.

Gonsalves spoke at length of the athletic facility stating that such a project takes serious planning and as such the government has contracted BSW-GMBH of Germany, who built the UWI track in Barbados and are currently building two tracks in Guyana.

Officials of the company were recently in SVG and met with various stakeholders to see what was needed to build an athletic track which is the first phase of a stadium project.

Gonsalves said the project should take 9 months to be completed and would be a category two-track which is the best you can have short of Olympics.

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