Time off for government workers, no half holiday

All employees of Central Government and statutory corporations who wish to attend the State Funeral of Sir Vincent Beache will be given the necessary time off; there will he no half holiday for the general public.

The funeral will be held on Monday, August 19, 2019 at 2 pm at the Kingstown Methodist Church.

Persons who cannot find seating in the church building will be accommodated in the nearby Methodist Church Hall where a big screen and sound system will be set up to carry the funeral service live.

Tents will also be set up in the church yard to accommodate the overflow.

A tent and big screen will also be set up at the Kingstown ceremony for the comfort and convenience of persons who cannot get close to the graveside.

Minister of Transport and Works Julian Francis made these announcements on We FM during the Issue At Hand Programme on Sunday.

Searchlight Newspaper

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