Colombia’s Supreme Court Summons Former President For Manipulation

(TELESUR) – Colombia’s Supreme Court of Justice (CSJ) requested that former President Alvaro Uribe appear on October 8 to answer for bribery and procedural fraud.

“In compliance with the provisions of the Criminal Chamber, at the request of Judge Cesar Augusto Reyes… within the action taken against you, it has been arranged to practice tests and to listen to you in an inquiry diligence on Oct. 8,” the Supreme Court indicates in a letter addressing Uribe, which also warns that “you must come accompanied by your defender.”

On Feb. 16, 2018, the CSJ Chamber received an accusation by Uribe against Ivan Cepeda, a senator of the left-wing Alternative Democratic Pole (PDA), in which the former president held that Cepeda convinced former paramilitaries to testify against him.

With these testimonies, which were obtained in Colombian prisons, the leftist senator managed to link Uribe with paramilitary groups operating in Antioquia, a department in the northwest of the country.

After studying the accusation against Cepeda, however, the CSJ Criminal Chamber concluded that Uribe’s complaint was inadmissible. On the contrary, the available information showed that Uribe had manipulated witnesses to delegitimize Cepeda’s work.​​​​​​​

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