Bequia Poet Launches ‘En Route To Self And Society’

Bequia poet and social activist Dillon Ollivierre launched his first book of poetry entitled En Route to Self and Society on Sunday August 11th , 2019 at Spring Hotel Bequia.The launching was made possible with support from  Bank of St.Vincent and the Grenadines and Spring Hotel Bequia.  According to Ollivierre, En Route to Self and Society is a collection of fifty poems divided into three sections:

 Family, Faith and Youth and Society and is reflective of the three most important pillars in his life. When asked about what he hopes to achieve through his book, Ollivierre said the poems are aimed at evangelizing, addressing social issues and paying homage to persons who have played a critical role in his development. The collection of poems he said bears testimony to what happens when we embrace God’s gift with the right attitude.

The launching of En Route to Self and Society comprised of family, friends and strong supporters of Mr. Ollivierre’s poetry which included former minister of culture and current President of the Vincentian Association of Artists Writers and Producers Ms. Rene Bapiste and Editor of the Compass Publishing Ltd Ms. Sally Erdle.  Ms. Baptiste in her remarks recollected that herself and Mr. Cecil Blazer Williams would call each other whenever Ollivierre published his work in the newspaper.

According to Ms. Baptiste they were both ‘moved by not just rhythm and rhyme but the style, the pros, the chosen language, the expression, the topics that he tackled was surprising.’ She also encouraged those in attendance to follow Ollivierre’s example because “it’s not always working in a gang or with a bandwagon of people it’s sometimes standing by yourself because you are able to project that pureness, that innocence of your action not looking for prize, reward or award but just looking for the satisfaction that you are able to stand by principle and for principle. ”

Ms. Sally Erdle, through the archives of the Compass Publishing Ltd. shared one of Ollivierre’s first published submission entitled ‘In Love’ giving those in attendance a glimpse into the beginning stage of the poet’s journey. Ollivierre credits the compass for providing an initial avenue for his poetry and for challenging him to think outside the box, therefore developing his critical thinking skills.

Ollivierre would like to thank everyone who has already purchased a copy of his book. Persons who would like to purchase a copy can do so via or by contacting Mr. Ollivierre via The cost per book is $50 ECD

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