Calliaqua Anglican School To Be Upgraded

(By Ernesto Cooke) – The Calliaqua Anglican School would be seeing an upgrade to the existing structure, this according to area representative Hon Camilo Gonsalves.

Gonsalves said the school would see a  new level to the existing building, new classrooms, inter-classroom partitions, and other improvements to the facility.

” The work of going up a level and adding classrooms will begin this term, therefore, the Government will be constructing temporary classrooms to house Calliaqua Anglican students while the construction work is completed”.

To begin the process, there will be a meeting at the Calliaqua Town Hall on Tuesday 20th August at 4 pm to discuss the renovations to the school and the relocation of the students.

Ministry of Education and Ministry of Works personnel, Architects, and representatives of the Basic Needs Trust Fund will be present to explain the vision and answer any questions from stakeholders.

Parents of students at the Calliaqua Anglican School, teachers, other interested stakeholders, and residents of Calliaqua and Golden Vale are invited to attend.

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