T&T: Woman who lured boyfriend to his death deported

(TRINIDAD EXPRESS) – A 25-year-old woman who lured her boyfriend to be murdered by a gang in London, England, a decade ago has been deported to T&T.

Samantha Joseph was deported after serving the minimum ten years of a life sentence for her part in the killing of 16-year-old Shakilus Townsend 11 years ago. According to several ­media outlets in the UK, including www.mirror.co.uk, Joseph was 15 when she led Townsend into an ambush in a quiet cul-de-sac.

It was said that she laughed as she walked away from the scene in a see-through dress, while the gang battered Townsend and stabbed him six times.

The teenager was found bleeding to death and crying out: “Mummy, Mummy, I don’t want to die.”

According to the Mirror, the case was turned into a BBC Three drama, My Murder, in 2012, starring Star Wars actor John Boyega.

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