The Comments Section – By Glenroy Thomas

To be objective is hard when you are biased to your own opinion. The lack of objectivity places blinders on our eyes and the reality we see is a false one created by our own conclusions.

The sad reality is that we no longer think critically, we let our personal biases and the ones we adopt from the comments section, create the reality we want to see or hear.

The views may increase but the “likes” don’t match up. You may ask why and the answer you will get is “I am only here for the comments”. Without looking at a material ourselves, we take the opinions waiting in the comments section first, then we watch with a bias already formed.

When you become so busy that you don’t have the time to sit, watch or read something, Check the comments section you will get all the information you need. We all can relate to saying that a song is boring or a movie isn’t good when we didn’t even listen or watch it ourselves; we only said that just because our best friend would’ve shared their opinion with us. Then later on, we are amazed by that same thing when we end up watching it for our own selves. Instead of gaining our own experience we tend to use the experiences of others as a judgment tool.

As an avid lover of sports, more so, football. If you read the reviews first before watching the highlights of a game, you are more than likely to see remarks stating that your favorite player, played the worst.

The highlights might even boost those remarks further, by focusing only on the bad plays made by that player. It is only until you watch the game, you realize the best player on the field was indeed the same player the comment section talked about in a bad way.

Without a doubt the comments section can be very entertaining. However, while you are entitled to your own opinion, educate yourself on the topic or whatever is being talked about first before sharing your point of view. Failure to comply will result in your ignorance being screenshot and laughed at.

Furthermore, not because someone else’s opinion is similar to yours means it is correct. Adopt protocol not biases. Think for yourself, let objectivity be your guide and don’t be swayed by the popular comment.

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