Belize reporting increase in dengue cases

Belize is reporting a 10 per cent increase in the number of confirmed dengue fever cases within a one week period, with 40 per cent of these cases being children.

“We do have an increase from the preliminary data that we have managed to take out. We have 789 confirmed cases which will be a 10 per cent increase average from what we reported exactly one week ago, with the Cayo District now having a higher increase in terms of numbers,” said Dr. Marvin Manzanero, Director of Health Services.

He said Corozal, which is located at least nine miles from the border with Mexico, has the second highest number of dengue cases in terms of total cases.

“We also have an increase particularly in the paediatric population where last week we had said one-third it is now 40 per cent of cases are now in the paediatric population. We were asked last week about mortality cases; we don’t have any in Belize. “

Dr. Manzanero said health authorities here are aware of a couple of severe cases at the Karl Heusner hospital “and we have 49 of those total 789 cases that are considered to be severe cases of dengue”.

Dr. Manzanero said while there is no specific treatment for the mosquito borne disease, it is important to manage the symptoms.

“It is usually early intervention in terms of hydration and making sure that there is no potential factors that can contribute to bleeding aspects. Like if people have chronic diseases that go along with it, control those, but there is no real specific cure. It is an early intervention and you manage the symptoms as you go along,” he added.

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