19yro Ratho Mill Resident Charged With MOWP,DTP And ABH

Police have arrested and charged Rolando Cato, 19-year old Unemployed resident of Ratho Mill with the offence of Making-Off without payment, Damage to Property and Assault Bodily Harm on 02.08.19.

According to investigations, Cato allegedly knowing that the payment of $2.50ECC was required on the spot for transportation from Ratho Mill to Kingstown did make off without making such payment.

(2) Without lawful excuse damaged one (1) black and grey Gucci Cap value $60.00ECC “by striking same with an unknown object,” the property of 22-year-old Bus Conductor of Calder.

(3) For assaulting the Complainant “by striking him behind his left ear with an unknown object,” causing Actual Bodily Harm, the incident occurred at Little Tokyo, Kingstown on 02.08.19.

Cato is expected to appear before the Magistrate Court for an arraignment.

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