Caribbean Airlines to start service to Curacao

Regional carrier, Caribbean Airlines has announced plans to  start of service to the island of Curacao, subject to approval by the Trinidad and Tobago Civil Aviation Authority (TTCAA).

According to the airline, the projected schedule subject to approval by the TTCAA, is a twice weekly service on Mondays and Fridays, starting on August 2.

The flights will   depart at 11:55 a.m. (local time) from the Piarco International Airport and the return flight will leave the Curacao International Airport at 2:35 p.m.

The airline says the  flights  will provide seamless connections to and from Barbados, Grenada, Guyana, New York and other destinations.

“Caribbean Airlines’ mission is to provide an unrivalled network which connects the entire Caribbean region. This new service to Curacao, subject to Trinidad and Tobago Civil Aviation Authority approval, brings our islands closer together and opens the way for increased trade, cultural exchanges, tourism and the strengthening of our Caribbean Identity. We are working closely with our valued customers and stakeholders including the Government of Curacao, the Curacao Tourist Board, Curacao Airport Partners and others to ensure the route is a success,” said Garvin Medera, the airlines Chief Executive Officer. 

With a population of around 161,014 Curaçao is known for its beaches, expansive coral reefs rich with marine life, cuisine and vibrant nightlife.

The official languages are Dutch, English and Papiamento.