Despite Sanctions Venezuelan Gov’t Secures Right to Housing

(TELESUR) – The Venezuelan government announced on Sunday that it will continue to defend and secure the right to adequate housing despite the ongoing economic blockade imposed by the Trump administration.

“We are proud that Venezuela has taken on a creative formula to demonstrate that governing by placing human beings above goods and capital is possible,” Minister of Habitat and Housing, Ildelmaro Villarroel said.

Despite the coercive and illegal U.S. sanctions that have significantly affected the country’s fiscal revenue, the Great Housing Mission Venezuela (GMVV) is well on track to reach its five million home goal by 2025.

To date, the institution has delivered 2,641,110 adequate and dignified homes around the country and plans to reach three million by the end of the year.

“In the Revolution, all Venezuelans are guaranteed to housing as it is a social right, not a commodity and that is the difference that Venezuela has with imperialist countries,” the Venezuelan official added.

Approximately 37 percent of public housing projects in Venezuela have been built by the Bolivarian government and the construction will continue as President Nicolas Maduro has recently approved US$184 million to acquire construction materials.

In Venezuela, the costs of housing are protected by preferential financing for all companies and construction companies.

This effort by the Latin American nation has not gone unnoticed. During the first United Nations Habitat Assembly that took place from May 27 to 31 in taking in Kenya, the international body recognized Venezuela as one of the top countries for guaranteeing people’s right to housing, as the GMVV has fulfilled one of the objectives of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

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