1 dead, several missing as heavy rains hit Haiti

(CNS) – At least one person was killed and five others missing, after heavy rains caused flooding in the commune of Cabaret,  the Directorate of Civil Protection (DPC) has said.

It said that the torrential rains was also responsible for the damage to the Bethel Bridge.

In a statement, the DPC expressed sympathy to the relatives of the victims and said it wanted to take the opportunity to remind residents of the areas of the risk of floods, rock fall and landslides as a result of the rains.

The Municipal Council reported that several houses had been flooded putting families in difficult situations, noting also that “these floods are the result of bad management of the environment and urbanization in these areas since 2010”.

It said despite the interventions of the Town Hall, the commune does not have sufficient resources to correct this situation and is calling on the Central Government to intervene urgently to protect and save lives, particularly as the hurricane season begins on June 1.

“The Municipal Council calls on the population to be vigilant and cautious and to obey the security instructions of the authorities. The Municipal Council also encourages residents to respect building principles and to behave better in their environment,” it added.

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