AIA Cargo Shed Reopens After Standoff Between Customs Agents And Security

Persons conducting business at the AIA cargo shed would experience delays today due to a morning standoff between AIA security and Customs Officers.

As of 12 noon on Thursday 30th May, a lockdown of the cargo shed was still in effect, this is due to the customs officers not wanting to be scanned by airport security.

As of 12.50pm, News784 learnt that the cargo shed was reopened for business.

On the 30/5/19  after customs officers refused to be scanned, security closed the air cargo shed and the examination station.

The officers speaking to News784 had this to say;

“ Why should security have a scanner right in front of a CUSTOMS AREA it is not correct according to section 14 in the customs management act:

“ It states the comptroller may approve for such period and subject to such conditions and restrictions as he may see fit to impose at any place in the state”.

“Also section 15 talks about the EXAMINATION STATION, the comptroller may approve for such periods and subject to such conditions and restrictions as he thinks fit to impose, any place at a port customs, airport or any other area for the loading and unloading of goods and the embarkation and disembarkation of passengers and any such place so approved is referred to in this act as the examination station”.

The officers speaking under conditions of anonymity said, “THE SCANNER SHOULD NOT BE IN FRONT OF THE CUSTOMS DOOR’.

“ We are revenue officers and enforcement offices, why should security scan us when the police come to the AIA cargo shed and are not scanned by security, as a matter of fact, they smile and sometimes laugh at us”.

The officers noted that it is unbecoming, the constant harassment, they told News784 they are fed up since it appears that AIA security laws are higher than customs law which should not be.


“We are not passengers, we not traveling why should they be scanning us every second of the day,  they are  scanning our food and drinks that we have for lunch or break  that is wrong”

The officers say AIA security has no right to close down the examination station and using it to deflect from the harassment situation, thus making the public think is their fault.

News784 could not reach security personnel at AIA for comment.

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