Commissioner John rewards police officers for their hard work

On Thursday May 30, 2019, the Commissioner of Police of the Royal St. Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force, Mr. Colin John held a general meeting with his Officer’s Corps and rank and file members of the organization at the Old Montrose Police Station Lecture Hall.

In delivering remarks to the general body Commissioner John thanked the officers for their contribution and the hard work they have been putting into the organization for 2019 and previous years.

The Commissioner stated that the Police Force has been doing commendable work so far generally, in the reduction of crime and more so, murders. He reported that for the 2019, there are only two (2) recorded reports of murder thus far.

The Commissioner highlight statistics which shows a decrease in crimes at the main Police Stations for the period January to May 2019 over the corresponding period for 2018.

He attributed this reduction to the dedicated work of the men and women in the organization.

The Commissioner encourage the officers to be very proactive in their work and advised them not to become complacent.  He urged the general body to continue to give of their best, to support the organization and look out for their neighbours.

He told the officers that from time to time they may see things happening that they may deem insignificant, but advise them to bring it to the attention of someone, because the very occurrence that they ignore might be a part of a puzzle needed to solve a crime.

The Commissioner told the gathering that the presence of the Auxiliaries Police Officers, Traffic Wardens, Tourist Police and Rural Constables at the meeting was not by accident but by design because they are very much a part of the crime fighting mechanism in the organization.  He recognised them for their dedication to duty.

Speaking on the subject of VINCY MAS 2019, the Commissioner alluded to the fact that the Rural Carnivals have already began with little or no incidences of crime so far.

He opined that the high concentration of Police Officers in the communities where these activities are taken place has borne fruits.

In expressing gratitude to men and women for their hard work, the Commissioner awarded two (2) special days leave to every Police Officer from the Constable to Inspector. Commissioner John also granted two (2) additional special days to twenty seven (27) officers for their deportment and attire at the last Commissioner of Police parade.

Assistant Commissioner of Police, Mr. Carlos Sampson also addressed the meeting and informed the gathering that the Police Force will be the recipient of ten (10) new vehicles; eight (8) SUV’s and two (2) motor cycles.

He encouraged the officers to take utmost care of the vehicles because the public demand for assistance from the police is growing; therefore, the new addition to fleet will assist the police to respond to the needs of public in a timely manner.

The assistant Commissioner urged the officers who will be driving the vehicles treat them as their own.

Other speakers at the meeting were Mr. Richard Browne, Assistant Commissioner of Police, Superintendents of Police, Mr. Enville Williams and Trevor Baily and Inspector Carmel who all gave updates on an official state visit, Exercise Tradewinds 2019, Police Week 2019, Non-Commissioned Officer (NCOs) Conference 2019 while Mr. Sydney Hazell of SAGICOR made a presentation to the general body on matters relating to insurance coverage.

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