One Caribbean Eyes Africa, The Middle East And Asia

Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves speaking on new developments surrounding local airline One Caribbean, said the company is interested in doing flights from the Caribbean to places like  Africa, the Middle East, and Asia.

Gonsalves sited countries like Ghana, Nigeria, and Indonesia.

Apart from those mentioned by Gonsalves, a reliable source indicated to News784 that the company would also target Miami and UK markets.

Gonsalves said arrangements have been made to fly under the One Caribbean Brand.

” The company has contracts lined up from outside of the region”, he said.

“To fly in any commercial way they would have to finalize all their regulatory requisites with (ECCA) The Eastern Caribbean Civil Aviation Authority which was started and is now being accelerated”.

One Caribbean has also obtained permission and space to construct a hanger at AIA. The aircraft can move some 100,000lbs of produce and 450 persons at once.

The 747 -400 arrived in St Vincent last Friday at 2 pm after a 6-hour flight from Arizona.

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