NDP War – Leacocks Pronouncement Is “Out Of Place, Vulgar, And Backwards”

Leacock Announcement Of My Resignation Is “Out Of Place, Vulgar, And Backwards”

An announcement of Hon Arnhim Eustace resignation from politics by Major St Clair Leacock, has not settled well with the former leader.

Eustace on Tuesday while on the NDP New Times program made a statement rebuking the Vice President of the party.

He said no one would be denying him the opportunity to make such announcement and call Leacock’s pronouncement, “ Out of place, Vulgar and Backwards”.

Below is Eustace Statement

I have heard and read the 21st May announcement by Major St Clair Leacock that i will not be running in East Kingstown in the upcoming 2020 general elections.

Major Leacock is out of his place to have done so.

Greater discipline, maturity, and respect for me and the people of East Kingstown ought to be expected of a military man and politician.

Soon and only at the time of my choosing, “My choosing”, I will inform the good people of the constituency, the constituency that I have had the honor to represent for 21 years.

I would never delegate that responsibility to the people of East Kingstown nor would I be denied that dignity.

I also wish to point out that whoever succeeds me will not be denied my support because they have a physical disability.

 The declaration by any representative of the NDP, that if you can’t walk you can’t run is both “Vulgar and backward”.

Have you forgotten the legacy of Tony James and the constituency of Marriaqua?

I urge Vincentians to come forward for public office regardless of their sex religion or disability.

The NDP is the party of inclusion, and ours, our party is a big tent.

Thank you very much.


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