Single & Seeking – My Journey To Love By Samantha Diamond


Samantha Diamond was born and lives on the beautiful island of St Vincent & the Grenadines. She serves in her local church as a youth leader and has been involved in youth ministry for over ten years.

She is currently pursuing a BSc in Theology at the International Miracle Institute. She recently released her blog site where she uses everyday experiences to speak about the love of God.

Samantha is also a TV host for the bi-weekly programme Women of Destiny that airs 8 PM on Wednesdays. She is committed to impacting her generation with the truth that will shape their culture.


In a world that promotes self-gratification, many are searching for love and acceptance but left broken-hearted when their expectations are not met. The fear of loneliness and the trauma of wrong relationships are constant plagues to this generation. Dating is often mistaken as a sign of knowing one’s identity and maturity.

The journey to love begins with acceptance of a love that goes beyond one’s ability to attain it. This is the gateway to truly loving who you are and loving someone as they deserve.

This book serves as a guide for anyone who is searching for love and willing to go on a journey to discover the source of it.

In this book, Samantha Diamond teaches on:

  • The importance of knowing your purpose
  • The definition of true love
  • Overcoming past hurts
  • Preparation for marriage
  • Finding yourself

The book was launched on May 8th, 2019. For hard copies of the book, persons can contact Samantha at 784-4322196.  E-book version will be available soon on Amazon.

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