"Customs Officers At AIA Cargo Shed Under Constant Harassment"

Customs Officers working at the AIA cargo are said to be under constant harassment by security personnel working in the cargo area.

The individuals who spoke to News784 under conditions of anonymity says it is becoming overbearing as these workers are revenue and enforcement agents of the Government of St Vincent and the Grenadines.

The information alleges that upon entering work at the cargo shed officers are scanned, if they leave for a break or lunch or even venture into Kingstown and back they are scanned, yet upon leaving the compound they are not scanned, which according to individuals would have made sense if the officers were to be checked by security.

The individuals told News784 that the officers are not traveling when they get to work so the constant harassment, would clearly be a violation against their person.

According to Section 13 of the Customs Control And Management Act :

“ The airport manager or port manager shall permit any customs officer at any time to enter and inspect the airport or all buildings and goods therein if so required by the Comptroller of Customs”.

The individuals also stated that section 101 of the customs act under offences state:

“Anyone who obstructs or prevents the officers from carrying out their duty shall be arrested, it did not state that enforcement agents should be under constant harassment while carrying out their duty”.

The individuals are calling on the security at the AIA cargo to understand their duty, so as to avoid any conflict in the near future.

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