Land Of My Birth (By Glenroy Thomas )

I can just imagine the feeling a bird gets whenever it flies to the comfort of its nest. If you don’t get that feeling while flying over the ‘Island of Clouds’, while approaching the air strip of beauty, ‘AIA’ ; I will forgive you for not being a citizen of Hairouna. Don’t feel bad as yet, the feeling will come when your feet is on the ground of paradise.

What do we have to offer? You may ask. Well, the name is “Hairouna, Land of the blessed”; we offer greatness and nothing less.

For picture taking we have countless views that can be compared to many but it is not the same when fort charlotte is your balcony. You may need an oxygen tank because our views are breathtaking, as you explore get some rest because La Soufriere might just be the best.

Have you ever wondered what the Garden of Eden looked like? Wonder no more as I take you on a tour of the oldest garden in the western hemisphere.

If you are feeling down and out, if a peace of mind is what you’re looking for then the botanic garden is a place of will put your mind at ease and you will live happier. They say roses are red and violets are blue, I just spoke about the mainland we have grenadines too.

With 32 Islands and cays, you can choose any month of the year and you will have a new island to visit every single day for that month. To fully understand what paradise means, you will have to visit the Grenadines.

However, if you are tired from exploring the mainland but you don’t want to go to down to the Grenadines. Have no fear, Young Island is near. The trailer of a movie that is what Young island is to the Grenadines. There is much more to explore but my time is up so hire a taxi and let them give you a tour.

Written by: Glenroy Thomas

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