Ecuador: Retirees Demand Gov’t Pay Their Pensions


Hundreds of Ecuadorean pensioners from the public sector took to the streets of Quito on Wednesday to demand Lenin Moreno’s government pay their severance pensions that have been in default since 2008.

“It is preferable to die fighting than to go begging,” the coordinator of the Federation of Retirees of Ecuador, Galo Bacca, said while announcing that the affected retired teachers and health workers will go on a nationwide hunger strike starting on May 22.

The mobilization began at 09:00 local time starting from the main streets of Quito to the vicinity of the National Assembly (AN).

Among the demands of the 30,000 retirees are the full payment of severance pensions, and to request the AN impeach the Minister of Economy and Finance, Richard Martinez, for violation of their rights. The debt currently rests at US$350 million.

“We are in Quito this day to demand that the president of the Republic pay us in cash and not in state bonds,” the representative of the Committee of Retirees of Santo Domingo, Vinicio Lara added.

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