Custom Broker Charged With 6 Counts Of Defrauding First Caribbean Bank

Police have arrested and charged Eunice Dowers, 25 years old Custom Broker of Ratho Mill/ Nigeria with twelve (12) counts of Theft and six (6) counts of defrauding the First Caribbean Bank on 19.05.19.
According to investigations, Dowers between 08.09.18 and 28.01.19 took a credit card from a resident of Indian Bay without his consent and stole a sum of money exceeding two thousand dollars ($2000.00) from the owner’s account.
Dowers was also charged with intent to defraud the First Caribbean International Bank ‘to wit’ did obtain service by representing without the consent of the Indian Bay resident herself as the holder of the credit card.
The incident took place between 08.09.18 and 28.01.19 at Kingstown.
Dowers is expected to appear before the Serious Offences Court to answer the charges.

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