TRINIDAD: Coconut vendor rapist makes escape by sea

(TRINIDAD EXPRESS) – In his bid to escape after raping a coconut vendor last week, a Mayaro man hopped onto a fisherman’s boat and headed out to sea.

Police said the suspect frequents the beach selling items on a daily basis, but he has not been seen since the attack.

The man does not have a fixed place of abode and police asking the public to assist them with information on him.

On Thursday, the man attacked the coconut vendor at her shed, then fled. She told police that around 10.30 a.m. the man walked up to her and began to argue with her.

The argument escalated into a fight and he pushed the victim to the ground. He overpowered her and forced her to have sex against her will.

He then ran off. The victim contacted Mayaro police and WPC Denoon and other officers responded. Police took the victim to the Mayaro District Health Centre and obtained a medical report.

Searches for the suspect proved futile.

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