Corbyn Exits Brexit Talks, Says May’s Gov’t Weak And Unstable

(TELESUR) – United Kingdom (U.K.) Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn has officially written to Prime Minister (PM) Theresa May to communicate that Brexit talks to arrive at a “compromise agreement for leaving the European Union have gone as far as they can.”

The U.K. government’s “growing weakness and instability means there cannot be confidence in its ability to deliver,” the letter from Corbyn charged. The opposition leader explained that, though some bargaining and compromise were achieved, “we have been unable to bridge important policy gaps between us.”

“As I said when we met Tuesday evening, there has been growing concern in both the Shadow Cabinet and the Parliamentary Labour Party about the government’s ability to deliver on any compromise agreement,” Corbyn stated of his decision to bow out of the discussions.

“Even more crucially, the increasing weakness and instability of your government means there cannot be confidence in securing whatever might be agreed between us,” the Labour leader reiterated in the communique to May.

Corbyn also pointed out that May’s authority has been significantly eroded and that the government is noticeably unstable since Cabinet ministers are operating from a place counter to arriving at an agreement and positioning themselves to compete to replace the U.K. PM following an announcement to step down.

“We have heard senior Cabinet ministers reject any form of customs union, regardless of proposals made by government negotiators,” Corbyn added.

“Despite assurances we have been given on protection of environmental, food and animal welfare standards, the International Trade Secretary has confirmed that importing chlorinated chicken as part of a U.S. trade deal remains on the table,” the opposition leader highlighted, as a major dissuasive point in the Brexit discussions, in the letter addressed to May.

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