Graham Calls On Minister Browne To Resign, "Says Health Care In Crisis"

As if predicting the future, NDP talk show host Colin Graham says there are more horror stories to come from the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital.

He says the video that surfaced showing a woman lying on the floor of the A&E is part of a larger health crisis, and called on Vincentians to not allow this latest episode from the hospital to be a “nine-day talk”.
Graham says Vincentians need a public apology from the Minister of Health about the recent hospital incident.
He says when the NDP proposed to build a hospital at the last election it was scuffed at and labelled something out of FarmVille.
The ministry of health issued an apology on Tuesday following a video showing the recent incident, the ward manager actions have also been forwarded to the public service commission and nursing council for review.
Graham urges Vincentians to come out and protest over matters of national concern such as the state of the hospital, and called on the Minister of Health to resign.

“Nothing can wash off what has happened at MCMH, the Minister of Health Hon Luke Browne should be punished at the polls”, Graham said.

Political activists luzette king and others have been picketing the island main health facility in Kingstown for the last number of weeks, King was also the leader of a group that picketed the electoral office for months following the 2015 election.
Political pundits say that this is the next attempt by the opposition to tarnish Minister Luke Browne, who from all of their accounts will win the East Kingstown seat in the next election.
Douglas Defreitas owner of Nice Radio and political commentator recently warned the NDP that they are moving to slow on East Kingstown.
Whether a concoction by the Opposition who political commentators say lost steam following the dismissal of the election petitions and a march put on by the governing ULP, the issue of health care is now the talk of the town.

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