Questions to ask your self before you make it official with someone

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By Glenroy Thomas

Relationships aren’t the same like before. we no longer date to get married; we date for fun.

When we see someone we like we only see sexual desires being done with that person. “Let’s be friends and get to know each other before we think of taking that step”, said no one.

Those days are far gone. We see someone we like we complement each other with soothing words and boom, he is my boyfriend, she is my girl.

We get to know each other while we’re in a relationship and then the blinded eyes gain sight to see the ugly characteristics the blinded eyes failed to see. By the time those characteristics do surgery to your eyes you are too attached to the person.

 Then we wonder why he or she is cheating. Attachment with no love leads ‘lovers’ to desire others while still attached.

Have a conversation with your self before you make it official with someone or thinking of dating in the future. The questions you ask your self should be the list of qualities you look for in the person. Do you think the person has what it takes to make you happy? Unfortunately, the true meaning of happiness has changed rapidly over the years.

Hey, you wake up!! Happiness is not gain from words spoken it is an automatic reaction to actions made. Never let the complements gained be the deciding factor to your happiness.

     “You know I never thought about marriage”. This is what I get whenever I interact with someone who is facing a relationship problem.

Do you see your self marrying the person you’re with? If you don’t have good reasons to say yes you will marry the person, then why are you wasting your time?

Clearly, if you can’t marry someone that you’re with shows that they have a flaw(s) that you can’t stand but because you’re attached to that individual you overlook it.

We fail to realize that we live in sin when we forget to remember that marriage is sacred and sexual activities outside of marriage is a sin.

So you prefer to build with someone to make children but never tie the knot? How amusing that is. All it takes for you to lose all those years of accomplishment is one argument you fail to win.

     My girl is the female version of me. How many of you can say your partner is the female or male version of you? Yea that’s another question to ask yourself. Do you know how difficult and conflicting it is to communicate with someone that is completely different than you?

 I think I know what you are about to say. “Nothing is wrong with being different “. Sure of course nothing is wrong with being different but when both of you are driven differently to be in one accord is confusion.

 Most of us are physically attracted but mentally weren’t. The person you are with should be the strength to your weakness the joy to your sorrow.

As you look for love the most important thing to consider is if that person is God-fearing. When you are with someone who loves God more than they love you, who is spiritually motivated.

Then your relationship becomes a relationship of three individuals Guy, Girl, and God.

With God in your relationship, it will go the right way, the Christ-like character would be seen in everything you or your partner does and as a result, other couples would be influenced.

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  1. That was a brilliant piece of writing, I enjoy reading it I am inspired by the writer and I am looking forward for more God faring knowledge of how to live a life much more pleasing to God.
    I am really inspired keep the advice coming.

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