Wrong drug? – Mom suffers stroke at hospital

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TRINIDAD – TRINIDAD EXPRESS – AN elderly woman who was given the wrong medication and suffered a stroke while warded at the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex last year has filed a lawsuit against the North Central Regional Health Authority (NCRHA) claiming negligence on the part of medical staff.

The woman, 69-year-old Soorsatee Bassaw, had her attorney Larry Lalla file the lawsuit at the Hall of Justice in Port of Spain last week, seeking compensation from the Ministry of Health for what she was made to endure while at the institution.

Over the course of three days, Bassaw was administered medication used to treat seizures instead of the gall bladder infection of which she was diagnosed, according to her claim form.

It was on March 27, that Bassaw was taken to the Chaguanas Health Facility by her relatives after complaining of stomach pain. A doctor at the facility examined her and later sent her to the hospital for further tests to be carried out.

After arriving there, doctors concluded she had a gall bladder infection and was therefore warded for treatment.

“On that morning she was given medication and upon being visited by her relatives they noticed that the claimant looked nothing like herself and nothing like she did the day before. The claimant complained to her relatives that she was having severe headaches, nausea, feeling drowsy, feeling disoriented and generally feeling unwell,” the claim form stated.

It went on to state that When Bassaw got up to use the bathroom, she “fell violently” and had to be assisted by her relatives back to the bed.

Shortly after that her condition began to rapidly deteriorate with her speech becoming slurred. She also began vomiting profusely. Because of the dramatic deterioration, she had to eventually be placed in adult diapers.

The next day her relatives questioned nurses as to Bassaw’s rapid deterioration as well as why she was being restrained to the bed with straps.

The medical staff, according to the claim informed them that her condition was due to her not being administer her blood pressure medication and that she was being restrained because she wanted to constantly get up to use the bathroom.

But all this time, her condition continued to deteriorate with her not even being able to recognize her relatives.

It was not until her son approached one of the doctors that she ordered a CT scan to be carried out since Bassaw may have suffered a stroke.

The doctor also examined her medical chart and came to the realization that one of the medication she was being administered was for patients suffering with seizures and questioned why this was so since Bassaw was not admitted to the hospital with any history of seizures.

It was not until April 3, that her relatives was called into a meeting with two doctors who advised them that for three days, Bassaw was being administered the drug Carbamazephine in error and instead of the drug Carbimazole which she should have been given.

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