Salary Bill For 2019 Increases By 11.4 Percent Over 2018

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Wages and Salaries

The 2019 budget for Wages and Salaries comprised of:

Item Amount
Salaries $259.4 m
Allowance $24.5 m
Wages $22.6 m
TOTAL $ 306.5 m


The 2019 budget for Wages and Salaries, when compared with the actual salaries bill for 2018 registers an increase of 11.4 percent.

This figure includes the 1.0 percent salary increase retroactive for the second half of 2018 (estimated at $1.2 million) along with the 1.5 percent for 2019 (equivalent to $3.8 million), plus the usual automatic increments and provisions for filling of some vacancies in critical areas in the civil service.

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